Where Do the Major Parties Stand on Early Learning (Childcare)?

An upcoming federal election is always an enormous priority for the Australian Childcare Alliance – our aim is to ensure that all political parties understand the importance of ensuring that every child in Australia has access to high quality, affordable and sustainable early learning services, and therefore the best start in life.

As the federal election draws nearer, ACA’s top four election priorities are to:

  1. End the educator shortage crisis
  2. Increase affordability for all families
  3. Improve support for the inclusion of all children, especially those with a disability.

In additional to our ongoing advocacy around the importance of a viable early learning sector, this election year we invited the major political parties to summarise their policy positions on Australia’s early learning (child care) services.

Below is an overview of the policies outlined by each major political party.

We present this to you in a non-partisan manner and invite you to judge for yourselves which party best serves the need of our children and the educators and service providers who care for them.

Election Manifesto

Our top 3 election priorities



Education Minister, Stuart Robert,  Liberal National Coalition Government

Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, Amanda Rishworth, Australian Labor Party


We have produced a written summary of each major political party’s policy around the provision of early learning (childcare) services for easy reference.