Let’s Give Our Children The Best Start In Life


In the lead up to Australia’s 2022 federal election, we need to ensure that all political parties support the provision of ongoing, high-quality, affordable access to our world-class early learning services for all children.

The impact of COVID-19 has had a profound impact on Australia’s health system, community and economy, with Australia’s early learning services quickly recognised as an essential service.

The pandemic has pulled the curtain back on just how critical the ECEC sector is in supporting our economy and allowing all working parents – emergency and healthcare workers amongst them – to continue in the workforce and contribute to the recovery and growth of our economy.

Developmentally, the benefits are clear – children who enjoy quality early learning are likely to be well socialised, confident, inquisitive about the world, accepting of diversity, resilient to manage challenges and also to be life-long learners.

With the right policy and financial frameworks in place, we could ensure that every child in Australia has access to high quality, affordable and sustainable early learning services, and therefore the best start in life.


The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is a not-for-profit, member-funded organisation advocating for the future of Australia’s children.

ACA works on behalf of long day care service owners and operators, as a reputable source of evidence-based advice to policy makers and a trusted source of practical guidance to service operators.

We represent more than 2,500 members and approximately 360,000 families throughout Australia.

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We have produced an Election Manifesto and a set of fact sheets which set out ACA’s position on the level of support required by the Federal Government, in order to build a future where every child in Australia has access to high quality, affordable and sustainable early learning services.

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The ACA has a National Executive Committee, which makes decisions on behalf of all five state bodies and engages with key stakeholders at the national level.

Each state body also has its own Committee which makes decisions on behalf of its state members and engages with key stakeholders at the state and local government level.

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    The ACA services each state and territory via its State Bodies, to provide tailored products and services that support members in the effective delivery of quality early learning services for their local community.

    Our members receive direct support from their local ACA state body through:

    • Regular communications which cover the latest news updates, upcoming training opportunities and the latest business operations tools available
    • The provision of high quality professional development services such as training events, annual conferences, Peer to Peer Networking sessions
    • Discounted or preferential access to key sector suppliers
    • Tailored telephone support and advice on:
      • Employment law, awards and regulations
      • Occupational health and safety
      • National Quality Framework
      • How to engage and resolve issues with government departments