Get involved

We believe that every child in Australia should have access to high quality, affordable and sustainable early learning services and therefore the best start in life.

In order to achieve this vision, in addition to ACA’s ongoing engagement with government, we call upon our sector stakeholders to engage with government in the lead up to the next federal election and make sure your voice is heard.

The resources on this website are designed to help you engage with your local political candidates, starting from how to approach them, to what to say.

Here’s an overview of what you need to do:


Identify your local electorate Member of Parliament (MP) and other local area candidates.

Firstly find out which electorate your centre is located in here. Click on the name of the electorate to see the current MP.

You can find other local candidates here.


Contact your Member of Parliament (MP)
and other local area candidates in writing.

The best way to do this is to write a letter, as an attachment within an email.

You may like to contact your local ACA state body if you need some help writing a letter to arrange a meeting.

Whilst it is useful to talk to some of the most important issues in the letter, it’s important not to get too specific, thus providing an incentive for the MP or candidate to meet with you.

Visit our Resources page to peruse all of the materials available to you for engaging with politicians. 

Follow Up

Follow the written contact up with a phone call.

We recommend a follow up phone call one or two days after sending the email, to ask if the letter was received and ask if a meeting time could be set up.

It is important to be cordial, polite and patient. Remember that MPs and candidates have a huge portfolio of issues to cover, and they require notice in order to make themselves available.


If you are lucky enough to organise a meeting, be sure to prepare your key talking points in advance.

We recommend that you select the top three to five important issues from the Policy Paper – Let’s Give Our Children The Best Start In Life, and follow through with the recommendations provided in the paper.

We believe that with the right policy and financial frameworks in place, Australia could be a world leader in the delivery of high quality ECEC within 10 years.

We greatly appreciate the collective efforts of the early learning sector, along with the families that use these services, in lobbying all sides of politics in the lead up to the next federal election, with a view to ensuring that every child in Australia has access to two years of kindergarten/preschool programs in high quality early learning environments, therefore giving them the best start in life.